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Things You Need to Know About Tire Lettering kit Installation

Things You Need to Know About Tire Lettering kit Installation

Custom tire lettering kits let you present a custom message on your mags so you can represent yourself without the mess of tire paint. It is crucial to make sure that the tire lettering installation goes flawlessly after making a purchase. In this blog, we will present some installation ideas to get permanent tire lettering stickers to be placed ideally and stay as long as possible.

How to clean up your tire before placing custom tire stickers?

Using a tire cleaner is the best way to clean your tire, sustain tire shine, and brake dust. Try to avoid cleaner to make contact with the wheel or fender as it can damage the finish of the rim and the paint. Wipe the cleaner in different directions with the help of clean cotton cloth to achieve an extra shine. It might consume time and several applications to clean all the surface contaminants off of the tire. Cleaners and tire dressing is available in various hardware stores as well as you can have it online.

How to use or place custom tire lettering on the tire?

Try to adjust tire decals in different ways to achieve the perfect position for it on the tire before the application. In the case of tire lettering stickers, the first step is to preposition the unglued tire stickers to determine where your lettering should be glued ultimately. Place the stickers onto the tire, utilizing the external curve (top side) of the tire decals to find out the curve that the design team used to create your custom tire lettering kit. Once done with determining the final position to glue the lettering down, use duct tapes or blue painter’s tape to hold the sticker in place, then start gluing your Custom tire lettering on the tire.

Keep in mind that you must use a little and necessary amount of glue for this process. The glue that comes with the tire lettering kits is sufficient for numerous installations. Remember, it is not a regular super glue. It is an aggressive but flexible adhesive that is used for custom tire lettering. You need not worry, in case you apply extra glue, allow some more drying time before removing the protective tape.

How much time does glue take to dry down?

Well, it depends on your regional temperature, but the recommended curing and drying time for glued tire stickers is not less than four hours. It takes a long time in cold weather. Check before removing the safety tape by pulling the outer edge of the rubber decal. Inspect all of the installed letterings if any of them look wet then wait for some more time, it is final if letterings do not move, you are good to go out for a drive.

Thanks for being patient and giving time to read this blog. In case you need professional assistance for redefining your tire statement, contact Ice Creams Wheels and Tires.


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